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Our book was featured in a 3 minute segment on Focus Mandarin (BC) on OMNI TV with interviews with Kari, Yi and student Cynthia Lin.

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  • 我们日常听到的一些术语和短语经常被曲解。温哥华生活指南,将解释其应用的场合,为新移民建立起信心,大胆地与本地人交谈。
  • 为新移民提供建议,鼓励并帮助他们在这里建立新的生活,同时让他们感到快乐、自信和舒适
  • 从当地人的视角发,由本地土生土、身ESL讲师,有着16新移民服务经历的温哥人撰写此,并由她的前学生,同时也是一位来自中国的新移民协助译。
  • 为便于阅读和理解,全部用中文和英文书写
  • 涵盖一整年当地温哥华人的真生活和日常风俗习惯,每一天都会有对应的一小段阅读
  • 30种不同类别的信息,包括如何与当地人接触、当地习俗、重点学校和儿童课外活动等,解释不同的思维方式(为什么我们一直说抱歉?)、西式餐的礼风俗习惯等等。
  • 本书附有50节“日常生活英语”,随书免费的迷你示范发音课程,网址为
  • 此外,本书还提供了超过 350 条当地人最喜欢的学校、 组织、 俱乐部、 娱乐和书中所列的课外活动有关的信息
  • 每月通过简讯定期举办双语讲习班,包括西方餐饮礼仪和民俗在内的生活方式,帮助您的孩子在加拿大取得成功

This book, written in both English and Mandarin, is filled with useful and practical information about the real daily life and customs of local Vancouverites that Chinese newcomers want and need to build a happy and successful life here but will never learn in any school or guidebook.

  • A guide to life in Vancouver as it really exists, demystifying terms and phrases frequently heard and often misinterpreted. It will allow newcomers to enter conversations with greater ease and confidence.
  • Advice and encouragement for newcomers to help them build their new life here while enabling them to feel happy, confident, and comfortable
  • Written from a local perspective by a born and raised Vancouverite and ESL instructor who has worked closely with new immigrants for 16 years, and translated by her former student, a new immigrant from China.
  • Written in both Chinese and English for ease of reading and understanding by all
  • Covers an entire year of real life, everyday habits and customs of local Vancouverites with a short reading for every day of the year
  • Over 30 different categories of information included from how to meet locals, to local customs, to best schools and extracurricular activities for children, to explaining different ways of thinking (why do we say sorry all the time?) to the etiquette and customs of western style dining and everything in between.
  • There are 50 “English for Everyday Life” mini lessons in the book with free pronunciation audios for each lesson on the website
  • Also included is information about over 350 of locals’ favourite schools, organizations, clubs, entertainment, and extracurricular activities included in the book
  • Monthly newsletter and regular bilingual workshops will be held on the lifestyle covered in the book including western style restaurant etiquette and customs, helping your children succeed in Canada etc

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