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在温哥华的美好新生活 Your Beautiful New Life in Vancouver

Every immigrant to a city has a dream for their new life in their new home. Listening to my students’ hopes and wishes for their new life in Vancouver is one of the biggest pleasures of my job as an ESL instructor. Their lovely comments about choosing to move to Vancouver help me remember the many reasons to appreciate my hometown. Choosing to immigrate requires a lot of hope, bravery, and optimism to leave one’s homeland and build a new life in another country, especially when it requires learning a new language and new culture, customs, and ways of thinking. However, once the residency paperwork is done, the home is bought, and the children are registered in their new schools, I have sometimes seen students lose some of their initial energy and excitement. In fact, there can be tears and quiet doubts about whether they can succeed at building a good life here. They share with me how they feel overwhelmed by all the things they don’t know about daily life here. I do my best to try and answer their many questions about the practical and cultural details of daily life, so they can build their confidence and move forward, but I simply can’t meet personally with everyone. Therefore, Yi Zheng and I have tried our best to compile all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about everyday life and culture in Vancouver in our book so that we can help get the information out there to all who need it. We have written the book with information and encouragement for you to create YOUR New Life in Vancouver.

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4 thoughts on “在温哥华的美好新生活 Your Beautiful New Life in Vancouver

    1. Thank you very much Cherry. It is actually quite a joyful experience watching newcomers build new an interesting lives for themselves here in Vancouver. I really love to hear their stories and hopefully I can share some of them on this blog in the future.

  1. It is quite true that moving to a foreign country entails courage and bravery, frustration and depression. We are lucky here to have so many people sharing their stories and supporting each other. Thank you Kari for listening to us, caring and understanding us.

    1. Thank you Catherine. I completely agree that it is so important to develop a network of support when you are in a new country and often so far away from your family and friends. In the book I tried to include all the ways I know that newcomers can meet new people, find help if they need it and get involved in the community. These are the baby steps needed to build a new life in a new land.

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